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Canine Influenza


Happy spring to all our clients and patients! 

Two cases of Canine Influenza have been diagnosed in Minnesota recently.  The both cases were diagnosed in puppies in Kandiyohi County, one was 13 weeks old and the other was 21 weeks old.  The puppies exhibited symptoms including a cough, high fever and runny nose. 

These are the first cases of Canine Influenza that we have been made aware of in recent months.  A vaccination is available and can be administered upon request.  At this time, we do not feel every patient needs to be vaccinated, however dogs who spend time with other dogs on a regular basis or who may be traveling to the Kandiyohi County area are considered higher risk and would be good candidates for the vaccination.  If you board your dog or send them to daycare, please check with the facility to make sure you understand their policies on vaccinations.

We will keep you updated on the latest news involving this situation.  Our recommendations may change based on new information that arises.  If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Pet Health Checklist: 4 Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe This Spring


Our recent winter is one we're looking forward to leaving behind,  and it officially ends this month. As you look forward to spring, the Gehrman Animal Hospital veterinary team encourages you to take a few minutes to consider seasonal hazards from your pet’s perspective. By taking the time to pet-proof your home and yard, as well as being proactive with parasite prevention, you and your pet can fully enjoy the season together!


Preserving the Pearly Whites


Did you know that it’s National Pet Dental Health Month? The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) started this awareness campaign several years ago to alert people about the importance of caring for their pet’s oral health. Although most pet owners take excellent care of their dog or cat, many often overlook tooth brushing and scheduling regular professional cleanings. The result is that 80 percent of companion animals have some form of dental disease by the time they reach age three. The Gehrman Animal Hospital veterinary team encourages you to strongly consider the importance of dental health for your pet.


In it Together - Devoted Resolutions


It’s a new year, and you have vowed to get in shape and improve your health. Although you might have made this resolution before only to fall back into old habits before the end of January, you mean it this time. The good news is that having a pet gives you even more motivation to achieve better health. Not only does the love of your furry companion give you the incentive to take better care of yourself, but it encourages you to improve your pet’s health as well.


The Greatest Gifts


Your pet is a loved and valuable member of your family, so it only makes sense that you want to buy him a special holiday gift. If you decide on a toy, we at Gehrman Animal Hospital would like to remind you of the following important safety considerations:


Silver Muzzles and Golden Years


A baby’s first birthday is a bittersweet milestone for parents because it’s hard to believe how much their son or daughter changed in just a year. When compared with the lifespan of our pets, it’s important to note that our pets age more quickly than we do. Although our pets reach their “golden years” at varying times based on breed, size and species, at Gehrman Animal Hospital we recommend bi-annual preventive care exams starting when your pet reaches his senior years. Because of pet’s accelerated aging, new health concerns can appear in very subtle ways, and early detection is the key to keeping your pet as healthy as possible.