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Introducing MyVetStoreOnline.com


Gehrman Animal Hospital is pleased to inform you that you can soon shop for pet food, supplies, and products from more than a dozen different categories in our online store. We have joined forces with MyVetStoreOnline to make caring for your pet as convenient as possible. To order, click on the store link from our website to register and start shopping in a secure environment. We know you’re busy, but at least you can cross one more errand off your list.


Silver Muzzles and Golden Years


A baby’s first birthday is a bittersweet milestone for parents because it’s hard to believe how much their son or daughter changed in just a year. When compared with the lifespan of our pets, it’s important to note that our pets age more quickly than we do. Although our pets reach their “golden years” at varying times based on breed, size and species, at Gehrman Animal Hospital we recommend bi-annual preventive care exams starting when your pet reaches his senior years. Because of pet’s accelerated aging, new health concerns can appear in very subtle ways, and early detection is the key to keeping your pet as healthy as possible.